Ophthalmologists & Optometrists
As a Clinic Provider you'll have similar tools to your office's at your disposal to evaluate and treat a patient in clinic. Many professionals dream about serving their communities but modern medical practice is demanding and sometimes cannot allow such altruism. By joining our clinic, you'll get to see many patients needing your help without worry. We take care of every aspect. The time commitment is small. A monthly clinic typically runs 3 hours and you would only be expected to provide service at 4-6 clinic sessions a year. Many of our patients needing follow up care or surgery are in the Jackson County area and subject to coverage by our partner, the Eye Foundation at Truman Medical Center, for those select cases needing further work.

Many of our patients reside in temporary locations - sheltered and homeless individuals make up 99% of those we serve. It's not uncommon to have a patient who has not had an eye exam or new eyeglasses in over 7 years! Their frames may be broken, bent, with an old and now inaccurate prescription or not even have any glasses! It's been proven that children and high schoolers perform much better in school and enhance their learning experience just with a new pair of glasses. You can help using your knowledge you have by fitting a patient with eyeglasses and have an effect on their daily lives. Most patients need new eyeglasses at the end of their visit and will be provided at no charge. We need you to ensure their fit and at times adjust a patient's existing frames.

Many steps in evaluating a patient's eyesight are performed by our technicians. Before an ophthalmologist or optician sees a patient, you'll check their eyes on an autorefractor. A large number of our patients have glaucoma, so you'll perform pressure checks on each one. We also employ the use of a non-mydriatic camera to evaluate the progression of symptoms over time. You'll have the opportunity to interact with patients firsthand and see your knowledge affect many lives!