Because of the demand for quality eye care and limited resources, The Kansas City Free Eye Clinic can only examine those who need free care.

Currently The Kansas City Free Eye Clinic can examine low-income adult residents of Missouri or Kansas. Please be aware that we will require documentation proving low-income status and that some care may have a nominal fee for service that will be due on the day of your appointment.

One of each of the following needed:
1. Photo Identification

2. Residency
Proof of address no more than 30 days old (ex: utility bills, cell phone bills, bank statements)
Shelter letter if staying at shelter

3. Income
Proof of income (ex: paycheck stub, social security award letter, unemployment benefit letter)
No income — notarized letter including address and phone number signed by supporting person

To see if you qualify for low-income services, please
contact us with attached copies of these documents to be placed on our waiting list and you will be notified before the next clinic.